Canadian Shield Bikepacking Route

Thank you for showing your interest in riding the Canadian Shield Bikepacking Adventure on September 9th, 2023. 

For more information on the event, see the Grand Depart page on the Bikepack Adventures website. If you sign-up for the Grand Depart but decide that you can no-longer make it, please send me an email to have me remove your name from the email list.

Grand Depart Registration

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Disclaimer: This ride is not an official event, nor is it sanctioned in any way, there is no entrance fee, and there is no prize for finishing.  All riders are solely responsible for their own safety and security along the route. Riders must recognize that there are inherent risks in this undertaking including injury and death. This route incorporates multi-use trails, off-road trails and on-road riding. All cyclists are responsible for their own safety, must use both trails and streets with caution and do so at their own risk. The route should be evaluated by each individual cyclist based on their level of experience and comfort level in cycling on trails and roads. Riders need to consider weather conditions, time of day, and any road obstacles when making their decisions to ride.  Always wear the proper safety gear when cycling, ride sensibly and abide by all laws.  This website and the associated Facebook page/Instagram account are only used as a meeting place and area for collaboration and information sharing. The Bikepack Adventures website and any and all others involved in the development of these routes do not assume any liability whatsoever for cyclists using this information and travelling upon these routes.

Important considerations: Some parts of this route are remote, with minimal services during long stretches and through forested areas home to Black bears, raccoons and other forest animals. Carrying a Tracker device is recommended  but not required, cell service is “non-existent” in some areas of this route. Flashing (blinking) lights, reflective gear and light coloured clothing to make riders more visible are highly recommended. Bikes should be outfitted with lights for riding in the dusk, night or dawn. This is a self-supported ride, and outside support is not allowed.  If you need it, or think you might need it … you better bring it. Services along the route are fair game; hotels, restaurants, pubs and stores are all available for use, as long as goods and services are not pre-arranged, eg., no food or equipment drops/delivery unless it is to a Canada Post Outlet c/o General Delivery. Camping options both primitive and at campgrounds, and other accommodation options can be found on the RWGPS map and supplemented with your own research. Due to Covid hours/days of operation may have changed. Leave No Trace. This route goes through communities and wilderness areas, please respect all areas of the route and leave it as you found it.  If you packed it in, pack it out.  More information on “Leave No Trace”: This ride and route rely on the goodwill of the many communities along the way. Please be kind and respectful of private property and generous with your support of local businesses. If you need to leave the route for any reason, you must return to your last location and continue on from there. A rider’s time is the total elapsed time, including all stops, that it takes to complete the route.  FKT hopefuls must provide a Strava or RWGPS file of their ride. FKT riders may not draft.