In this episode of the Bikepack Adventures podcast, I have a chance to speak with Samuel Lalonde-Markon and Simon-Pierre Goneau. In the winter of 2023, Simon-Pierre and Samuel will attempt to cross the entire province of Quebec from south to north, by bike and ski. A 2725 km journey that will hopefully be finished in around 100 days that will lead them to cross the Hudson Bay coastal ice pack. With 1475km of winter cycling and 1250km of cross-country skiing, this expedition will definitely put them to the test. Samuel has previously completed two crossings of Quebec as part of his TransTaiga Expedition using a combination of bicycle and canoe. SImon-Pierre had previously completed the cycling portion of the Transboreal as part of his Expedition Quebec Plein-Nord, but was stopped in 2020 through a combination of the Covid pandemic and bad weather conditions. In today’s discussion we talk about cycling in winter, their previous expeditions, their lives growing up and how they ended up deciding to take on this challenge together.



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