In this episode of the Bikepack Adventures podcast, I finally have the opportunity to learn a bit more about Sofiane Sehili. When I first reached out to Sofiane over a year ago, he told me that he’s done a ton of podcasts and that he’d be happy to come on the show, so long as our conversation is on something new. After following Sofiane and his partner’s adventure throughout SE Asia this past winter, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to have him share his adventure and talk about bike touring during bikepack racing’s off-season. Most people will know Sofiane as a Parisian bike courier turned bikepacker, as a racer that has un unnatural ability to stay up for really long periods of time and of course, as a pretty highly regarded singer. What you may not know is that it all started for Sofiane on a bike trip in SE Asia years earlier. This time around he came back so he could share the experience with his partner.



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