In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures podcast, I sit down with Ryan Van Duzer. Ryan, better known as Duzer, has been creating video for over 15 years now, having established himself as an adventurer that shows the highs and lows of any adventure he is on. From working in the Peace Corps, producing travel shows and surviving a survival show, Ryan has grown his YouTube channel, Duzer TV, to more than 141,000 subscribers. With his motto Get Out There, Ryan is on a quest to motivate people to get off their couch and get active, no matter whether it is a micro-adventure or a massive odyssey.  

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Show Notes

~ 00m 00s     News and updates

~ 04m 00s     Intro to Ryan Van Duzer

~ 13m 00s     Peach Corps and deciding to ride a bike back to the U.S.A.

~ 25m 30s     Differences between solo and group touring

~ 36m 25s     Making his first bike touring video

~ 43m 40s     Getting into video production industry and going all-in on YouTube

~ 53m 00s     Audio-video equipment he uses

~ 01h 01m      Bikepacking the Baja Divide; Gear both necessary and unnecessary

~ 01h 08m     Designing the Priority 600x and Riding the Divide

~ 01h 18m      Talking tires, saddles and food

~ 01h 25m      Upcoming plans; charity work; love

~ 01h 30m      End notes and credits

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