In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, Matthew Kadey and I finally have the chance to record this long awaited interview. I first learned about Matt when I heard about the Butter Tart 700, more commonly known as the BT 700, the first long-distance bikepacking route in Ontario that featured a Grand Depart. In the time since creating the BT 700, Matt has gone on to develop 5 long distance bikepacking routes in Ontario, as well as several routes in Costa Rica and Colombia. An experienced bike tourer, bikepacker, route designer and a nutritionist, Matt has tons of experience to share with listeners. 


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Show Notes

~ 00m 45s     BTA housekeeping: Bikepack Adventures Grand Depart, Lucky draw, how to support the show

~ 05m 00s     Intro to Matthew Kadey and cycling background: bike, packing, travel style, etc

~ 20m 00s     Cycling the Pacific Coast and getting “the bug”, going to Myanmar, Sri Lanka, etc

~ 35m 20s     Gravel biking and bikepacking

~ 52m 00s     Route development: BT 700 in-depth discussion

~ 01h 22m     Creating bikepacking routes internationally

~ 01h 31m      Nutrition advice –> Matt’s balls (hahahaha)

~ 01h 41m      Closing notes

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