In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast I have the chance to speak with one of the most bad-ass women I know of. I first heard about Meaghan when I was researching the Northcape – Tarifa bike race and saw that only 1 Canadian had previously raced the event. On top of that, she has bike toured Canada, the USA and Mexico, raced the Trans Am Bike Race, NorthCape 4000, Paris-Brest-Paris, and was the 2019 World 24hr Time Trial Champion and course record holder in the women’s division. More recently she finished 3rd in the Alberta Rockies 700, and crushed the BC Epic 1000 as the overall winner, while setting a new women’s FKT. On top of that, she has ridden lots of other grand brevets, races, and mini tours. Furthermore, she holds an MFA in writing, has been published in numerous cycling journals and magazines, and has recently written a travel memoire, titled “South Away: The Pacific Coast on Two Wheels”. All these accomplishments aside, Meaghan is extremely humble and modest and I am super thrilled to finally have the chance to listen to her story.

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Show Notes

~ 00m 45s     Pre-interview news; lucky draw; sponsors

~ 04m 05s     Intro to Meaghan Hackinen; Meaghan’s background

~ 11m 40s      Cycling the Pacific Coast from B.C. to Baja

~ 29m 00s     Meaghan’s book, “South Away: the pacific coast on two wheels”

~ 33m 15s      Cycling across Canada –> What she learned during her first tour

~ 38m 40s      Randonneuring and the Trans Am Bike Race

~ 53m 09s      Endurance racing in Europe –> Northcape-Tarifa Bike Race; Northcape 400

~ 59m 10s      24-hour time-trial world championship

~ 63m 10s      Transitioning to MTB endurance racing; BC Epic rundown; AR700

~ 01h 40m      Plans for 2022; off-season training; where to find Meaghan online

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