In this episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the opportunity to connect with Anisa Subekti, a Indonesian adventurer that in July of 2017 started on a new chapter of her life by embarking on a bike tour that has taken her all over South America and into Africa. After nearly 4 years, Anyisa is still going strong. In today’s episode we are going to talk about the places she’s travelled, her bike and setup, and what challenges there are as a female non-native English speaking bike tourer.


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Show Notes

~ 00m 45s     News and Updates

~ 04m 00s Introduction to Anisa Subekti

~ 08m 15s Anisa’s first experience bike touring & what she wishes she would have known before bike touring

~ 16m 10s Her bike and gear, minimalism, and creature comforts

~ 24m 50s Packing advice for would-be bike tourers

~ 29m 00s Bike Touring S. America & reaching Ushuaia

~ 39m 12s Going to Africa

~ 47m 00s Covid

~ 59m 15s How Anisa has grown as a bike tourer & difficulties with bike touring when from a country with a weaker passport

~ 01h 05m What’s next for Anisa

~ 01h 10m Closing remarks

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