In this episode of Bike Tour Adventures, I am speaking with Eva and Mari after they have cycled from Holland to China and beyond. After more than a year on the road, these two ladies have cycled through 22 countries and pedalled over 24,000 km (15,000 miles). In today’s interview, we will find out all about their motivations to travel, how they prepared for this tour, and talk about their dreams and aspirations.



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Show Notes

~ 01m 30s     Intro to Eva and Mari

~ 02m 45s     Previous bike touring experience and why bike tour

~ 10m 40s     Bikes and gear

~ 18m 30s     3 things they carry that are out of the ordinary

~ 28m 20s     Cycling Germany and Austria

~ 33m 00s     Cycling Serbia and Bulgaria, and dogs of Eastern Europe

~ 43m 10s     Turkey and Georgia

~ 01h 00m 50s     Tips to using the ferry between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan

~ 01h 05m 30s     Cycling Kazakhstan and trains in Central Asia

~ 01h 10m 00s     Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and then the Pamirs

~ 01h 21m 45s     The long way to China through more of Central Asia

~ 01h 30m 00s     SE Asia

~ 01h 35m 50s     Malaysia and Covid-19

~ 01h 39m 40s     How they’ve grown and where to find them online

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