In Episode 050 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have the chance to talk with Arie Hoogerbrugge. He recently started an epic bike tour adventure in St. John’s, Newfoundland and will be riding approximately 55,000km over the next 3 years as he makes his way west across Canada and then north to the top of Canada before turning around and heading south for the next couple years. The thing that makes Arie’s adventure especially interesting is that he decided to start in the winter, so that he could have the full experience of riding across Canada and to test his mettle against Canadian winter. This is a true story of man vs. nature.


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Show Notes

~ 01m 05s     Intro to Episode, who is Arie Huggerbrugge

~ 04m 30s     How he ended up owning property in Belize

~ 11m 00s     Previous bike touring experience

~ 17m 15s     Bike and gear

~ 35m 12s     What’s the “magic” of the tour?

~ 52m 10s     All about winter riding, gear, and the experiences

~ 62m 45s     Winter cooking

~ 65m 30s     Route across Canada

~ 73m 40s     Getting sponsorships

~ 85m 45s     YouTubers, Bloggers, Podcasters he follows

~ 90m 00s     Cool piece of kit

~ 91m 00s     Where to find out more about Arie

~ 95m           Next time on Bike Tour Adventures…Ian Finlay

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