In Episode 044 of Bike Tour Adventures I connect you with Nima Khalkhali, an Iranian-Canadian from Vancouver, B.C. that recently spent 5 months travelling through Europe and north-Africa. Having previously done some bike touring and having also done some hiking excursions, Nima brings a lot of experience to this conversation. In this episode we talk about the European part of his bike tour and he shares some tips and tricks that helped him cycle all the way to the top of Norway and then to the bottom of Italy.


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Show Notes

~ 01 min       Intro to Episode 27 with Nima Khalkhali

~ 07 min       Nima’s previous biking and hiking experiences

~ 9m 30s      What bike Nima used for this tour, how things changed along the way, less is more

~ 13 min       Three must have things in Nima’s bags

~ 15 min       Discussing how plans change, cycling in Norway in the summer, keeping costs down in Norway

~ 24 min       Norwegian people and roads, challenges of cycling in Norway

~ 33 min       Cycling in Poland, getting hit by a car, the Tatra Mountains

~ 49 min       The Balkans, cost comparisons

~ 57 min       Greece, refugee camps

~ 60 min       Cycling southern Italy to Palermo and missing the ferry to Tunis

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