In Episode 030 of Bike Tour Adventures I interview the Swag Family Hughes as they take their two young children on a one year bike tour around Australia as a means of educating them about the country, learning the stories of people around the country and creating educational content that can be used in primary schools around the world.


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Show Notes

~ 30 sec       Intro to the Swag Family Hughes

~ 1m 30s     What is swag in Aussie talk? Who are the Swag Family? Previous bike touring experience

~ 7 min        Why they decided to do a bike tour with their children while they are still so young.

~ 10 min      What route they have taken thus far. How they designed and planned their trip and make a timeline

~ 15m 30s    Riding terrible roads, daily distances, types of bikes they are using.

~ 21m 30s    What types of toys the kids have with them, how the children handle being on the bike so often.

~ 24 min       How much they listen to their children on the road, challenges of cycling with children, advice for parents thinking of doing a bike tour with kids

~ 28m 30s    Dealing with sickness and injury

~ 32 min      Where the Swag Family stays at night.

~ 34 min      Budgeting and getting sponsors

~ 37 min      What educational goals and developmental goals Andrew and Nicola have for the kids through doing this tour, adventure learning

~ 42 min      Narragunnawali and the Swag Family Reconciliation Action Plan

~ 47 min      How dangerous Australia is….if you’re stupid, greatest memories of the trip so far, what they would do differently

~ 54 min      What they miss most from home, what’s next for the Swag Family and where to find them

~ 58m 30s   End credits and next week with Onion Adventures

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