In Episode 025 of Bike Tour Adventures, Davide shares his story of how he flew to Alaska with zero experience and has now cycled Alaska to Patagonia, and S. Africa to Egypt. He talks about adventures with grizzly and black bears, an exploding iphone, Egyptian police and other amazing stories.


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Show Notes

~ 30 sec        Introduction to Episode 11. 

~ 2 min         Davide introduces himself, 4 years cycling and still going

~ 5m30s       What made him decide to do a bike tour from Alaska to Patagonia, reading Cycling Home from Siberia

~ 12m30s     3 seasons of Alaska, getting food sponsorships, encounters with bears and wolves

~ 17 min       Cycling in S. America, Baja Mexico, the Darian Gap and ways around it

~ 35 min       Best country/countries in S. America

~ 38 min       How he got to Africa, getting a new bike, and what cycling in Africa is like

~ 42m40s     Almost quitting the bike tour in Africa

~ 46 min       Best places and worst places to bike tour in Africa

~ 57m30s     All about his bike setup and what he is carrying in his bags

~ 1h3m         How to calculate distances and timing when planning for Warmshowers, travelling slow, discovering the “real” parts of a country

~ 1h6m         iPhone exploding in Sudan

~ 1h13m       Making enough money to eat and travel, keeping the food budget down

~ 1h23m       Is accepting free food acceptable or is using peoples’ generosity?

~ 1h33m       Different ways people make money to tour/travel

~ 1h39m       Introduction of next episode

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