In Episode 046 of Bike Tour Adventures I have the opportunity to speak with Joe and Verity, a young British couple that decided to take follow their passion for education and gender equality by cycling to Mumbai to visit the Magic Bus charity headquarters. After reaching India they decided to continue on their journey and cycle all the way across SE Asia, before finishing up their trip in New Zealand. Now back in the U.K. I have the opportunity to chat with Joe and Verity about their adventure.


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Show Notes

~ 01m 30s     Intro to Episode and who are Joe and Verity

~ 03m 30s     Previous bike touring experiences

~ 05m 30s     What bikes they used and gear setup

~ 09m 30s     Tips of packing for a 1 year tour; 3 things in their bags they absolutely loved

~ 12m 00s     Things people should leave at home which they thought were unessential~

~ 13m 30s     Cost of the tour; Getting sponsors

~ 17m 00s     What cooking system they used

~ 20m 00s     Cycling Europe; challenges and highlights; where they would like to explore more

~ 26m 00s     Turkey and amazing Oman

~ 35m 00s     Cycling in India and the Magic Bus

~ 40m 15s     Myanmar and why they didn’t love cycling there

~ 44m 00s     Cycling south through Thailand and Malaysia during Ramadan

~ 47m 00s     Skipping Java; cycling Bali and Lombok

~ 53m 15s     3 months in New Zealand; reverse culture shock

~ 59m 30s     How the bike tour helped them grow and develop

~ 1h3m30s    Most dangerous moment –> cartoonish accident in Myanmar

~ 1h7m00s    Next trip; bloggers that influenced them

~ 1h12m00s  More on the Magic Bus Charity

~ 1h15m45s  On the next episode: Dan Hurd

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