In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures podcast I sit down with Cameron and Glen, two adventurers that live and breath bikes. Both of these guys have been working at Brockton Cyclery in Toronto since it first opened and when not in the ‘office’ they can usually be found out riding, camping, and drinking coffee. As one of the pre-eminent bike touring and bikepacking shops in Ontario, Brockton Cyclery has grown into a household name to many people across the country.

This Intro to Bikepacking night was originally live-streamed over Instagram on Thursday May 12th, 2022. Throughout this episode, we talk a lot about the bike touring and bikepacking, how to prepare for your first adventure, and what are the most recommended pieces of gear someone should consider buying. We also discuss bikes, bike camping, and share our own stories so that people can learn from our experiences.

Brockton Cyclery has been kind enough to provide me with a sponsorship this year and have been instrumental in me finishing my new bike build and making it into the ultimate bikepacking rig.

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