In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures podcast, Steve O’Shaughnessy and I sit down for a conversation on how we got into podcasting, what led us to bikepacking and how our passion for biking drives the development of our podcasts and ultimately, take us on amazing adventures. Steve has on multiple occasions ridden the BC Epic 1000, AR 700 and Lost Elephant bike races. He has a deep appreciation of all things bikes and finds that his deepest connections are with people who like to travel by bike. Listen to this conversation and be sure to check out his podcast as well.

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Show Notes

~ 00m 00s     News and updates

~ 10m 45s      All about Steve O’Shaughnessy

~ 21m 00s      Running the Bikepack Canada podcast

~ 29m 30s     Ultra-distance bikepacking: sleep schedules

~ 41m 00s      Hardest part of endurance bikepacking

~ 54m 45s     Sleep setup for racing and how the Tour Divide will be different

~ 01h 10m      Fat biking in winter

~ 01h 18m      Talking podcasting in the field, hadlebars, hand numbness, dropper posts, etc

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