In this episode of the Bike Tour Adventures podcast, I will be speaking with Xavier, Céline, Nayla and Fibie Pasche – The Nomadic Family by Bicycle. Having been on a perpetual bike tour since 2010 and both girls being born along the way, this has resulted in the girls having more authentic experiences in their short lives than many people accumulate over decades. More than just bike tourers, the Pasche family are nomads, writers, public speakers, photographers and teachers.


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Show Notes

~ 00m 45s     Bike Tour Adventures housekeeping

~ 06m 00s     The background of the Nomad Family by Bicycle

~ 13m 19s      How they planned their original route –> Infinity

~ 17m 00s      Pregnancy and adapting the tour

~ 27m 45s     Touring with a 5-month old

~ 38m 30s     Breastfeeding while touring and managing energy levels

~ 41m 40s      Educating their children & Les Enfants du Monde Project (Children of the World Project)

~ 55m 00s      How long they stay in each country and where they stay

~ 01h 04m      Budgeting and affording to keep travelling & final thoughts

~ 01h 08m      Where to find the Nomad Family by Bicycle

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