In Episode 102 of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast, I was interviewed by Adam Hugill, a friend that has been on the podcast a couple times and co-hosted episodes on several occasions in addition to this. In this episode Adam and I speak about how I got into bike touring, what type of touring I prefer, my most recent adventure in the summer of 2020, and then some general discussion about the podcast. 


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Show Notes

~ 01m 30s     Who is Chris Panasky

~ 14m 00s     Getting back into cycling and my first tour…Indonesia

~ 23m 45s     Cycling Mae Hong Son Thailand and other short tours

~ 30m 30s     Bikepacking Canada Adventure – Original route and modified route

~ 41m 40s     Daily routine for cycling long days; goal setting

~ 54m 00s    Talking about the capability of our bodies

~ 58m 20s    Top tips for someone looking to compete in a bikepacking/ultra-distance bike race.

~ 01h 07m     What are the BTA Ridecasts; talking about the podcast

~ 01h 20m     Favourite piece of gear; what I would have left at home; what I wish I had brought

~ 01h 27m     Managing work, life and relationships with desire to travel by bike

~ 01h 38m    Closing comments

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