In episode 097 of Bike Tour Adventures, I speak with Claudine Desiree. As a practitioner of sustainable housing development, Claudine has used cycle touring as a sustainable means of travelling between her destinations, while leading COB building workshops around the globe. I first heard about Claudine from my friend Derek when he attended one of her workshops in the US and put us in touch with one another. It’s with great pleasure that I get the chance to speak with Claudine and I hope you enjoy the episode.



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Show Notes

~ 05m 45s     Intro to Claudine

~ 12m 30s     What is cob building and about her journey into bike touring while teaching

~ 40m 00s     The Global Cob Trotter Bike Tour and touring with your grown-up children.

~ 57m 00s     Re-cycling the same countries and cycling Morocco

~ 01h 08m     Challenges while touring

~ 01h 18m      Beautiful moments

~ 01h 28m     Where to find Claudine on social media and websites

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