In Episode 045 of Bike Tour Adventures, you get to hear the rest of the conversation with Nima Khalkhali, as he leaves Europe and crosses from Italy to Tunisia. Nima provides tips and advice for cycling in Tunisia and Morocco.


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Show Notes

~ 01 min       Why he decided to go to Africa

~ 03m 25s     Tips to get into Tunisia as a bike tourist

~ 07 min       Nima’s route through Tunisia, sleeping in the Sahara Desert

~ 14 min       Meeting the Amazigh people, Tunisian food

~ 21 min       Why he didn’t cycle to Morocco, where he went in Morocco

~ 29m 30s     His favourite place in Morocco, advice for bike travellers

~ 34m 30s     What he enjoyed most about Morocco

~ 40m 30s     Which country’s people most resonated with Nima

~ 45m 30s     WOW moments and what’s next for Nima

~ 50m 50s     Where to find Nima on social media

~ 54m 30s     Next episode: By Jove By Bike

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