In Episode 036 of Bike Tour Adventures I have the chance to speak with Rob Lea, an adventurer that has just completed the Ultimate World Triathlon, a combination of climbing Mt. Everest, swimming the English Channel and crossing the USA on a bicycle: all in one calendar year. Learn about how he prepared for all these different challenges, what the most difficult parts were and why gender equality plays such an important part in his life.


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Show Notes

~ 50 sec       Intro to Episode 21 with Rob Lea

~ 5 min        Preparing for Mt. Everest, why they climbed from the Tibetan side of the mountain

~ 9m 30s     Challenges and dangers to climbing Mt. Everest

~ 24 min      Swimming the English Channel and rules for making the swim

~ 30 min      What he ate throughout the swim, how he prepared for the swim

~ 35 min      Challenges during the swim, pacing, keeping the correct heading

~ 40 min      Cycling across the USA, deciding his route

~ 45 min      What bike he used, modifications, bike setup

~ 50 min      Having a support car and accommodations

~ 54m 30s   Highlights and lowlights, which event was most difficult physically and mentally

~ 59 min      Gender equality campaign

~ 1h 7m       Where to find Rob on social media and what’s next for him

~ 1h 11m     Next time on Bike Tour Adventures – Pablo Espitia

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