In episode 031 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Vroni and Jonas, a.k.a, Oni-on-Adventure, and learn about their how a bike tour adventure with a work and travel visa turned into a 3-year expedition from New Zealand back to Germany.


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Show Notes

~ 30 sec       Intro to episode and Vroni and Jonas … aka … Onion Adventure

~ 7 min        Cycling in New Zealand; what bikes they are using; why Rohloff is amazing

~ 18 min      The “to clip or not to clip” debate; 

~ 22 min      Cycling Australia; work and travel; getting a car for free

~ 32m 30s   Cycling in Indonesia; cycling the small islands; using the bum gun

~ 41 min      Cycling in Timor-Leste (East Timor)

~ 52 min      Why they decided to cycle back to Germany from China; tips of “maybe” getting a 60-day visa

~ 56 min      What they loved and hated about China; cycling the famed Pamir Highway through Central Asia

~ 1h 6m       Cycling and hiking in Georgia; taking a boat to Ukraine and skipping Turkey

~ 1h 13m     Building a Tiny House in Romania

~ 1h 22m     How they’ve changed over the past three years

~ 1h 26m     What’s next for Onion Adventures???

~ 1h 29m     Concluding episode

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