In episode 029, I speak with Matt Arnold and Becky Prince about their 1 year tour from the United Kingdom to Singapore. We talk about places they really loved along the way, things they would have done differently, how not to waste too much money before the tour even starts and what it’s like going back to “normal” life after the bike tour adventure.


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Show Notes

~ 30 sec       Intro to episode and Matt Arnold and Becky Prince

~ 4m 30s     Motivation towards doing the tour and how they made their timeline

~ 7 min       Why they biked, how much it cost them, and the mistake of taking too much stuff

~ 11m 30s   Epic departure from a pub to start the trip

~ 14 min      Where they went in Europe and what they would have done differently if they could do it over again

~ 18 min      Adjusting the schedule so as not to have to spend winter in Central Asia, and the insanity of getting a boat from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan

~ 21m 30s   Riding the Pamir Highway

~ 28 min      Off the bikes in India for 6 weeks and why it was their favourite country and New Year’s in Nepal

~ 34 min      Cycling SE Asia: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

~ 43 min      Finishing the tour and re-assimilating into society

~ 48 min      Matt taking lessons learned during the tour to use in his daily life. Downsides to a big tour.

~ 56 min      Where to find Matt and Becky

~ 57 min      In next week’s episode: Swag Family Hughes

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