In Episode 009 of Bike Tour Adventures, I have a sit down with Walter Reich to talk about his bike tour across Canada. At 70 years old, he is still pounding out 100km days while being followed by his wife Regula in the RV. Walter talks about Parkinson’s awareness, the importance of early detection, and the need for being active and fit. 


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Show Notes

~ 30 sec       Introduction to episode

~ 1m 45s     Walter tells us a bit about himself, road biking in Canada, and the desire for a bigger ride

~ 3m 30s     Planning his route across Canada, getting away from the major roads, getting a PR Manager

~ 6 min        Leaving Tofino, B.C. on April 12th, getting free accommodations, and fire truck escorts.

~ 11 min      Why Walter decided to fundraise for Parkinson’s Disease

~ 14 min      Support from Parkinson’s Canada….or lack thereof, and why Walter is donating the money he fundraises to the actual support groups he meets along the way.

~ 18 min      Hope, B.C. reminds Walter’s wife of Switzerland, about the Tour de Swiss, and crossing the Rockies to get out of B.C.

~ 21 min      Osoyoos Valley and cycling the Crow’s Nest Highway are must-see beautiful parts of Canada

~ 23m 30s   The North-Easterly wind of the Prairies, pedalling for hours and not even seeing a house in Saskatchewan.

~ 27 min      Black bike clothes are better for touring so they don’t look dirty

~ 28m 30s   The dangerous road from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay, cutting through the US, taking highway 11 instead of highway 17

~ 32m 30s   The real reason they started on April 12th and the Terry Fox connection

~ 35 min      Using a road-bike for a long distance tour, riding in the cold April weather, riding through mosquito and deer fly season

~ 40 min      Managing temperature when riding in cold weather, route through the east coast, taking a break in Switzerland, getting a one-way ferry to P.E.I.

~ 47 min      Going more in-depth with Parkinson’s Disease, importance of early detection, and the need to keep fit

~ 53 min      The most memorable moments: people they meet, support they receive

~ 55m 30s   Wishing he would have waited for warmer weather and lack of support from Parkinson’s Canada

~ 58 min      A small rant on Canada’s road shoulders and how unsafe unpaved shoulders are, riding fast on bike paths in Ottawa, and crappy roads in Quebec

~ 1h 4m       In next week’s episode, Heart to Beat with Harry and Roelie

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