In Episode 007 of Bike Tour Adventures, I interview Ben, an 18 year old that is cycling from the UK to Australia during a gap year. He talks about his passion for biology and saving the rainforest, the rise of islamophobia and education for young women. Also, check out his tips for young people that may be thinking to do a bike tour.


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Show Notes

~ 30 sec      Episode introduction

~ 1m 30s     Ben’s timeline for the trip, where he is at the moment, and why it’s the perfect time to do a tour

~ 4 min       Ben’s budget, why he turned down Oxford University, and why the first few weeks of the tour were the hardest

~ 8 min        What bike Ben is riding and why the Rohloff is amazing

~ 11m 30s    Ben’s trip so far and how amazing the Balkans are

~ 15m 30s    Information about cycling in Malaysia, and where the good beaches are

~ 19m 30s    What charities Ben is fundraising for

~ 25m 30s    Most memorable moment (spoiler –> It’s in India)

~ 28 min       Best advice he’s received

~ 31 min       Advice for other young bike tourers

~ 33 min       Introduction to next week’s episode, Marielle Jauring

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